Let's talk...

Hello all! 

I’d like to introduce myself, Surinder Dhanak,

Welfare Officer for BRC.


My role at the club is to be a source of contact if anything is bothering or concerning you. I will listen to your concerns and support you where possible or signpost you in the right direction.

I am not an expert on mental health and well-being but will help and support where possible.


If you are more comfortable contacting another member of the committee have a look at the contacts on this site  https://www.birstallrc.org.uk/, if you are not able to do this contact somebody in the workplace or any other websites below. 

2020 - an extraordinary year

The last few months have been extremely challenging for most and we’ve all had to make adjustments and adaptations to our daily lives, and this has affected some more than others. As a club we would like to make sure that all members do not feel alone and can turn to a committee member or a club member during these tough times.

Here's some useful websites to support your mental wellbeing:







This is a leading charity campaigning on mental health issue s and awareness and provides advice for anxiety, managing stress, bereavement, panic attacks and much more. 







There are lots of tips online to support you with understanding mental health and an online interactive mind tool to support your mental wellbeing.







Rethink Mental Illness this is a mental health charity

Stress at Work 








This charity provides information about local relaxation and support groups.









Anxiety UK offers advice and support as well as access to therapies to individuals who experience any type of anxiety disorders and phobias. 






Social and cultural attitudes to mental illness






Lets talk – Wellbeing provides help for people with anxiety, depression and other similar difficulties.







Tips for being at home, tips for working at home and resources for talking to your children during this challenging time. 



Things you can do for yourself...

Create your own Wellness Action Plan
Create a ‘Wellness Action Plan”, these can be downloaded from www.mind.org a charity that support to empower anyone experiencing a mental health problem. The action plans can be downloaded here and there are separate ones for managers and employees. 


There are lots of great apps available for you to download onto your smartphone.


One of the most popular is Headspace, The app provides guided meditations, advice for sleeping better and movement exercises to help you out.


My Fitness Pal is great for tracking food and exercise. 

Eating Well
If you’re finding yourself changing your eating habits with a new routine or if you’d like to take the opportunity to improve your eating habits, The Association of UK Dieticians has some great advice and resources to keep you on the right track. 

As your routine changes you may find your sleep pattern has changed too. The NHS have some online resources to help you switch off and get some much-needed rest at night.

Relaxing isn’t just about how well you sleep either. There’s plenty you can do throughout the day to help relax as well. Mind Charity offer hints and tips on how to stay relaxed throughout the day.

... we're here to support you! 

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