UPDATED ON 21/04/2018 A few updates for Birstall Runners.

Important message for any Member running in any of the Winter League races 2018 (from Simon Mayes, LRRL Results Compiler)

For any local runners undertaking their first LRRL race on Sunday at Stilton 7, please take note that you need to keep the same race number for the first 3 league races of the year (Stilton 7, Kibworth 6, Desford 5).

DO NOT LOSE YOUR NUMBER and at another race DO NOT TAKE A DIFFERENT NUMBER. Have this threat under pain of death, as if you do either of the above it messes up the entire race results for the other 500+ runners taking part and makes the person doing the race results (me) even more grumpy than they already are in unpicking an unnecessary mess, and delays the publication of the results for the rest of the league.

A number of people did this last year, so please avoid doing so this year.

Also remember, if you cannot run any more, you can no longer transfer your place to someone else. I have a copy of the final entry list to cross check to the results sheets that come through, and if any late transfers have occurred, that person will be wiped from the results.

Andy Finlow ROTD and Pete Barratt with the Donkey at Desford 5
Photos from Mel Snutch

Debbie and Chris at the loughborough half marathon

The O’Briens at the Sheffield half

Mark Whitfield representing BRC